Transformers Takara Legends LG-46 Char/ Kup

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-46 Char/ Kup

Headmaster (Titan Master Flintlock)

According to the Hasbro bio, Flintlock grants his partner the ability to shoot metal-melting acid ammo.

Head on!

Kup here features an entirely new retooled head and arms. Which closely matches the look of the cartoons. The Hasbro version sports a headsculpt which follows the old Marvel Comics design.

Targetmaster Recoil

With Hot Rodimus’ Targetmaster partner, Firebolt. I originally thought Takara would cheap out and just repaint Firebolt for Recoil, but wow! They totally used different base figures here. Wow!

Target on!

Finally, we get a Kup/Chear figure that has an alt mode that closely resembles the G1 character!


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