Transformers Takara Legends LG-49 Targetmaster Triggerhappy

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-49 Targetmaster Triggerhappy

Headmaster (Titan Master Blowpipe)

In the Hasbro bio, Blowpipe grants his partner the ability to hit their enemies with a compression cannon, which can crush armor.

Head on!

A minor retool of the Hasbro version, the Takara version features a hole for the Targetmaster to plug into in weapon mode in Triggerhappy’s jet mode.

Targetmaster Blowpipe

Blowpipe is very well done. Even has articulation.

Target on!

Comparison with the Hasbro version (Takara on the right).

Painted “ankles”

The original Decepticon Target Masters!

Target Masters

I’m really glad Takara went the distance and released these guys with separate designs, as opposed to “one mold, different colors” concepts.

Hmm.. deco changes are very minor for this guy from the Hasbro version. The real selling point is the Targetmaster figure. It’s a shame the Hasbro versions don’t come with any.


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