Transformers Takara Legends LG-50 Sixshot

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-50 Sixshot

Sixshot comes packaged in his jet mode.

Tiny Sixshot (originally Titan Master Revolver in the Hasbro line).

Jet Mode

Battlecar Mode

Tank Mode

Sixshot driving Sixshot… there’s something you don’t see everyday….

Wolf Mode

Same as with the Hasbro version, Titan Masters can “ride” in the cavity of the wolf mode’s head.

Submarine Mode (lol… aka “upside down laser gun” mode)

Head on!

Robot mode

Ahh… Sixshot, still one of the more popular characters from the Takara Headmasters cartoons, he is mostly known for killing Ultra Magnus in battle in the series. He later reformed, after forming a friendship with Daniel Witwicky, and eventually even joins the Autobots, as Greatshot.

Sixshot is classified as a S.T.A.G. (Solo Transformer Assault Group) , or a one-robot-army, due to his many alt modes.

He comes with his hypersonic concussion blasters.

Like with the Hasbro version, the blasters can combine to form a bigger gun.

Comparison with the Hasbro version (Takara version on the right).

The Titan Master torso is a whole new sculpt, the same goes for the head and face, along with the “helmet” for Sixshot in full robot mode.


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