Transformers Takara Legends LG-Ex God Ginrai

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-Ex God Ginrai

Sigh… I can’t believe they included this in the comic, it’s crazy stuff like this that sometimes lowers my respect for Takara. C’mon guys, keep it clean.



Head on!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been months since I picked this giftset up. I really like what Takara did with this set and I love the Ginrai design a lot, sure beats the Hasbro Powermaster Prime version.

This set is actually a Takara Tomy Mall online website exclusive. It features improvements such as clear windows on Ginrai, plus chrome parts for Godbomber. Also included with the set are exclusive headmasters Cab and Minerva.

Another improvement for me is the new locks on the heels. Ginrai doesn’t tend to tip backwards anymore. It bugged me to no end with the regular release Ginrai.


Man, that head is too big.

The cab section can actually seat up to 3 figures, so you can recreate the scenes from the show where the Headmaster Juniors rode in the vehicle.

Head on!

In the old Masterforce cartoons, Godbomber was just a drone, meant to back up Ginrai with no real personality.

The hilt for Ginrai’s sword (he used the sword in Transformers Victory, fighting Deathsaurus) can be stored underneath the shoulder cannon. The blade can also be sheathed in, but I decided against it as the fit is a bit too tight and it may ruin the chrome finish of the blade.

Godbomber is a nice update to the vintage figure, it certainly sports more articulation. I just wish the head wasn’t so big.

One of the hidden features of Godbomber is that his legs are made with Combiner Wars joints, so he can “combine” with any of the various Combiner limbs.



With their buddy Go Shuta. Go Shuta comes with Wheelie from the LG29 set.

The Headmaster Junior are complete…. kinda.. Man, it’s a shame they didn’t make actual full toys of these guys. Sigh….

Base modes

The shoulder cannon actually opens up to reveal a seat for Headmasters.

You can “merge” the base modes together here. But I opted not too in the pic, as it just made them too long and linear to fit in the shot.

Similar to the G1 toy, Godbomber can hook up to Ginrai to create a super trailer.

God on!

God Ginrai

God Ginrai is the combined form of both Ginrai and Godbomber. In the US, he is usually called Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor.

He stands roughly 12″ inches tall, 13+ if you elevate the shoulder cannon a bit.

The chrome parts really make this guy pop! I’m really glad this set was announced before I picked up the regular release Godbomber.

The sword is a bit iconic, as he used it to duel with Deathsaurus in Transformers Victory.

Unfortunately, I really hate how the cannon easily falls down. I wish they included a ratchet into the cannon so it won’t drop suddenly. It can stay up if lifted all the way, but it just falls down if you lift it only halfway.

Regarding the wings, this is how it’s shown in the manual and box art. I have to admit it looks a bit … “off-level” since it’s higher than his shoulders.

However, there is an alternate “fan mode” that you can do to make the wings more vertically centered. It requires rotating the wings all the way around for it to work and it might get a little tricky, not to mention might ruin the joint, but I think it’s worth it. This is also the configuration used if you plan to get the Perfect Effect set for Ginrai.

As I said, it is a bit tricky but this is how the wings are oriented if you do the rotations right.

The adjusted leveling of the wings adds a whole new improved look for God Ginrai.

Overall, a terrific set! I just wish the shoulder rocket didn’t fall down so easily but the rest of the set looks great! especially when you do the wings in “fan mode”. Now I’m considering getting the Perfect Effect upgrade set so he can have a big pair of guns and a bigger, more proportioned wing set.


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