Transformers Takara Legends LG-Ex Greatshot

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Transformers Takara Legends LG-Ex Greatshot

Headmaster Jack (retool of Titan Master Revolver)

Jack was Chromedome’s friend in the Headmasters cartoon. He was one of those responsible for building Fortress Maximus and the Master Sword. He was later captured and turned into a bomb by Sixshot. Chromedome was forced to kill his mind-controlled friend to save Battleship Maximus.

In the Legends universe, a repentant Sixshot used the Shinchokon power of the Legends Universe to bring Jack back to life. Jack would then later join Sixshot as his Headmaster and Sixshot would become the Autobot Greatshot.

Jet mode

Beast mode

Battle Car mode

Tank mode

Submarine mode

Head On!

Greatshot is the reformed Sixshot. After spending time with the human Daniel Witwicky during the Headmasters cartoon, Sixshot slowly become one of the good guys. By the time Transformers Victory came around, Sixshot had faked his death and created a new persona and joined the Autobots.

Comparison with his “old” body.

Great Lasers


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