Transformers Takara TAV-21 Leader Class Optimus Prime

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Transformers Takara TAV-21 Leader Class Optimus Prime

Rotating Autobot symbol

“Scannable” Symbol for the App game.

Vehicle mode

You can load Autobots into his trailer, but just Sideswipe or Bumblebee, as Strongarm is too high to fit inside.

Prime comes with a lot of weapons!

Weapons also plug into ports in his vehicle mode.

For some reason, Prime has this flip out “weapon posts” gimmick for his hands. I don’t quite get the idea, as wouldn’t a simple standard fist work? It’s not as if he needs open palms for transformation… curious..



Pistol (wish it was a rifle)

? Grappling hook?

Personally I’m not too crazy about the long legs.

The toy also has electronics (light up eyes and chest) plus random speeches.

The toy’s electronics mostly gives out orders to the Autobots (in Japanese) but he occasionally gives out a hearty laugh (sounds creepy really) and then there’s the occasional “arrrgh!” yell to simulate getting hit (which when followed by the laugh makes the laugh even more weird).

Overall a decent toy (better than the Deluxe), but not really among my Top 10 Optimus Prime Toys…


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