Transformers Takara Unite Wars UW-02 Menasor

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Transformers Takara Unite Wars UW-02 Menasor

Illustration on the back of the manual.


Comparison with Hasbro (Takara on the left).

Drag Strip

It wasn’t until I saw the Takara manual that I realized you could equip the Menasor hand/feet as a shield on this guy.

Comparison with the Hasbro.

Dead End

Comparison with Hasbro


Comparison with Hasbro


Wildrider is actually a retool of Dead End.

The original Stunticons complete!

Transform into Menasor!

Again, here’s an interesting take on the smokestacks, going by the box illustration.

But I prefer to position it into the 12 O’ Clock position.

Open chest

I wish they made decent gun for this guy.

Gee-Wun style

Interesting note, unlike the US version, the Takara version actually has the two of the same hand/feet parts (the Hasbro version has 4 different types of parts).

The Coin


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