Transformers Takara Unite Wars UW-04 Devastator

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Transformers Takara Unite Wars UW-04 Devastator

Gotta love them funny pin ups. Even Hauler and Omega Supreme are helping out. That’s what it’s all about. Friendship! lol…



Weapon equip in vehicle mode

Long Haul

Weapon equip in vehicle mode (he actually carries up to 4 of the team’s weapons).


Weapon equip in vehicle mode


Weapon equip in vehicle mode

For some reason I can’t get the crotch pieces to lock together. I didn’t have this problem with the Hasbro version.


Weapon equip in vehicle mode

The Constructicons


You can actually peg the guns together and attach them to Devastator’s back. Note that if you follow the manual entirely, it won’t work, as some pegs are bigger than the holes. So you might have to get creative a bit and change things up a little (like how I did it).

Devastator stands roughly 18″ tall and weighs 1399 Grams.

Weigh in:
Scrapper – 159 Grams
Hook – 178 Grams
Mixmaster – 128 Grams
Long Haul – 419 Grams
Scavenger – 160 Grams
Bonecrusher – 148 Grams

Comparison with the Hasbro version.


Spot the difference!

The ‘Cons – Takara versions on the right, Hasbro’s on the left


Scrapper(Look, ma! Elbows!)

Scavenger (note – modified knee parts. From ball joint to hinges. Curious…)

Bonecrusher (note – same as Scavenger, modified knee parts)

Long Haul (look ma! Elbows part 2!)


Visor gimmick (exclusive to the Takara version, the SDCC version does NOT have this gimmick either).

Thanks to the elbow redesign on Scrapper, Devy’s got new heel points for added stability.

Guns are the same except for the screws. Black screws on the Takara.

The thighs on the Hasbro version has varying shades of green on the plastic. Some parts are more green, some parts are more neon. It’s uniformly one color on the Takara.

Prepare for termination!

The Coin


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