Transformers TFC-004 Gear of War weapons set

Transformers TFC-004 Gear of War weapons set

The Gear of War (Usually written as GOW) Weapons kit.



The set has a lot of pieces to upgrade your TF Henkei/Classics.

First up Inferno’s Ladder and his “blaster hand”. It comes in two pieces so some assembly is required.

The ladder clips on the plate on Inferno’s arm.

The “squirt” or Blaster hand just clips onto the left fist.

The Ladder plugs into the water cannon’s hole in vehicle mode and the Blaster hand is clipped onto the end of the ladder. The ladder can extend.

Shoulder mounted rockets for Sideswipe, Red Alert and Mirage. Essentially, all 3 rockets and launchers are the same, with the “fins” of the rocket being placed at different ends of the piece to make it seem different.

Mirage’s launcher clips onto his “grill” via one of the slits in the rocket launcher. It’s not really a solid connection unfortunately.

The shoulder-mounted rockets add a lot in terms of capturing the G1 look of the toys.

Another accessory added was this orange plastic “box” to simulate Mirage’s “invisibility”.

Sadly, this is where the set fails, the box needs to be folded into becoming a 3D cube. But the material is so tough it will warp if you do so, plus the arrow-head locks for keeping the conections together tend to break, so overall, just leave it alone. I would’ve preferred a pre-assembled tray with a missing fourth wall and no roof instead of this mess.

Finally, Soundwave’s “Scouter cassette” with 4 energy crystals.

Team Gear of War

According to the backstory provided on the box, Wheeljack developed these weapons to help a strike team of Autobots rescue Optimus from Megatron.

Autobots on the move!

This set might be somewhat a hit or miss for folks. The ladder, scouter and rocket launchers are great add ons but the Mirage “wall” and the launchers’ springs have a tendency to get stuck up so it might not exactly be what some folks are expecting.


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