Transformers THS-02 G1 Optimus Prime

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Transformers THS-02 G1 Optimus Prime

Transformers Hybrid System-02:

Comes with “plated” Autobot Symbol Display base

Insane amounts of articulation equals amazing poses(this version of the toy was designed by Shoji Kawamori, the famed Macross series mech designer/engineer)

Hehe, they even included SideSwipe’s Rocket pack(from the third episode of the G1 animated series, where Prime borrowed it to go after Megatron in space)

Kawamori-san even “added” a few new “hidden” weapons to Prime’s arsenal,
– twin shoulder lasers/smokestacks
– gattling gun/gas tank

Autobot Matrix of leadeship

…”Light our Darkest Hour”

Truck mode is only so-so, since the toy feels kind of loose in vehicle mode(parts don’t seem lock in properly)

The trailer/repair bay

.. and finally “Roller”, what’s impressive is Prime’s gun has an alternate handle for Roller to use and Roller has an interconnected axel running across 4 of the 6 wheels 🙂

Mini me…


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