Transformers Titanium Prime and Megatron

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Titanium Prime and Megatron

Made by Galoob, the same guys who gave us “Micro Machines” toy cars

While the toys are heavy in dieacast, don’t expect them to have good playbility. Joints are just loose in some places and Megatron has it really bad. Then again, for a price of 900PhP for a toy with this much diecast(diecast parts include everything except the head, fists, wheels, moving joints and the guns), it’s not half bad. But it’ll probably be one of those toys you want to keep in the box to display since there’s isn’t much to do with it once you break it out.


Optimus Prime. Based on the War Within version from the now dead Dreamwave Comics. This version retells the story of how Optimus Prime got the Matrix of Leadship and reluctantly leads the Autobots in early years of the Cybertronian wars, after Sentinel Prime is murdered by Megatron and Optronix(Optimus’ pre-“Prime” name, they changed it from Orion Pax) was appointed the new leader by the Autobot Council.

Megatron. Supposedly, this is a Megatron from the G.I.Joe VS Transformers saga(it even mentions Cobra Commander on the back of the box).

What I do know is that the toy is really bad. Bad connection ports in the leg area and the whole thing is just too floppy to handle.


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