Transformers Titans Return Brainstorm with Titan Master Teslor

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Transformers Titans Return Brainstorm with Titan Master Teslor

Titan Master Teslor

Teslor supposedly boosts Brainstorm’s intelligence to even greater heights, making the Autobot inventor create even more advanced gadgets and weapons.

Head On!

Released only as a Walgreens exclusive, Hasbro Brainstorm was also released in Asia in full case assortments, sadly, this figure is a bit hard to come by here in Manila. I finally gave in and got this from a local seller just to round out the Hasbro version Headmasters.

Brainstorm is actually the genius of the Autobot Headmasters, he helped create the Transtector technology bodies which the Headmasters use.

The nosecone section of his vehicle mode can be detached to either become a shield or a secondary weapon. The shield can also function as a separate sled vehicle for Titan Masters.

High Energy Photon Pulse Cannon?

Vehicle mode

Headmaster team (Hasbro version) is now complete!

With SDCC Cerebros (with Takara LG Spike Headmaster from the Bumblebee pack).

Comparison with the Takara version (Takara on the right).


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