Transformers Titans Return Chaos on Velocitron Boxset

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Transformers Titans Return Chaos on Velocitron Boxset

Set comes with a standard sized bond paper poster featuring the artwork on the box.

Back of the poster shows the character bios.

Set features:

Leader Class Quickswitch
Voyager Class Laser Prime
Deluxe Class Nautica
Legends Class Fastclash
Titan Master Class Rodimus Prime


Titan Master Dynamus.

Supposedly, he grants the power of Evolutionary Mode Switch to his partner.

Car mode

Tank mode

Beast mode

Submarine mode

Jet mode

Robot mode

It’s not really clear how Sixshot was able to “produce” a son. It was jut mentioned in the 80’s toy commercial that Quickswitch was the son of Sixshot, who wanted to right the wrongs done by his father.

The original G1 toy was a totally different figure from Sixshot and had the ability to transform into 6 different modes as well. It’s kind of disappointing that we’re not getting a unique mold for Quickswitch this time around and instead he’s a simple retool of Sixshot.

That said though, the color scheme does work well for this figure and he does stand out. So it’s not all bad.

Since Sixshot is considered one of the “phase sixers” in the comics, meaning Sixshot wields tremendous power, I wonder if Quickswitch has that level of power as well?

Comparison with his “dad”.

G2 Laser Prime
Titan Master Refractror (big thanks to Vili Kauppi for the headsup on this guy’s name).

A different Titan Master from Diac, this guy grants Laser Prime the power of invisibility.

Optional gunners seat for Titan masters.

Jet mode

Lol.. suicide seat configuration.

Head on!

A straight up redeco of Titans Return Voyager Class Optimus Prime. According to his bio, this version of Optimus can create laserport portals that can teleport to any location.

You have to push down the panels on the sides of the head to allow for wider rotation arc for the head.


Titan Masters can ride inside

Titan Master Parsec

According to the promotional material, Parsec grants Nautica the power of lightspeed.

Head on!

Introduced in the IDW comics alongside Chromia and Windblade, Nautica is a quantum mechanic, who specializes in lightspeed starship travel.

The figure is a retool of Titans Return Blurr.

The new additional shoulder parts are removable.

Same as Blurr and Brainstorm, the front nose of the vehicle mode can be removed to become either a shield or an attack sled for Titan Masters.


Fastclash’s vehicle mode can be used by Titan Masters.

The Autobot land-based member of the Clones team. The Autobot clones were one of my favorite toys back in the day.

Too bad he doesn’t come with a weapon.

Rodimus Prime

For some reason they decided to make Rodimus Prime a Titan Master. He’s shrunk down but gains the ability to grant his partner speed.

The whole “Speed” Boxset


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