Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Class Perceptor with Convex

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Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Class Perceptor with Convex

“Percy” finally gets an upgraded version, I was never keen on the updated “transforms into a vehicle” design of the Henkei/Generations version. It just seemed out of line. I’m glad we’re finally getting a better update.

Comparison with the older Generations mold Perceptor.

Ohhh… telescoping, err, telescope. Nice touch, Hasbro.

In the IDW verse, Perceptor is also a sniper for the Autobots, hence this weapon.

Yeah, the previously geeky science guy now has a BFG. Scary….

Titan Master Convex

Convex’s ability is to let the bot he connects to have the power to shrink. So it’s mass-shifting I guess?

Microscope mode

Lol.. you can put Convex “Under the microscope”.

“Hmm.. a cursory evaluation tells me, you are in serious need of more paint applications.”

Uhm.. Target Master mode?

Back in the old days, I never saw Perceptor as cool, since he didn’t seem much of a warrior. Still, I’m happy to have this modern rendition of Perceptor now, since the Autobots do need someone with a scientific brain to beat the Decepticons.


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