Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Class Scourge

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Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Class Scourge

Sooo… I guess apart from being a Target Master he’s also… a Titan Master now?

Guns can be combined.

Titan Master Fracas

From the bio, Fracas can steal powers from other Titans and give it to Scourge.

Fracas can ride inside the c0ckpit.

Fracas can also ride up front via the turrent.

The Sweeps! The new “cannon fodder” Decepticons post TF Movie.

Man. I was really hoping they would give us a voyager scaled Scourge this time, since Cyclonus and Galvatron were both voyagers. Too bad.

Comparison with the older “Generations” Deluxe Class Scourge. Personally I like the head on the older version more, but the body and vehicle design of the Titan Master one just really works so well in terms of G1 homage.


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