Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Class Twinferno

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Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Class Twinferno

Orignally named Doublecross, one of the Monsterbots in the G1 toyline, Hasbro has renamed this fellow Twinferno now. Partnered with Daburu, which gives Twinferno/ Doublecross an energy jolt during battle

Supposedly, in his G1 tech spec, this guy had a strength rating of “1”, making him as weak as the mini-bots. Odd. But they never reflected this weak rating in the Japanese cartoons, go figure.

I love the fact that he now comes with twin guns.

Twin guns can merge to form a single weapon.

Guns can also be mounted onto his shoulders in robot mode.

Titan Master Daburu (“Double”)

Daburu is actually tooled after the Beastformer White Leo from the Japanese cartoons. Complete with eyepatch in robot (non-head) mode.

Two-headed dragon mode

Daburu can ride inside the chest of the dragon.

Daburu can also ride on the merged guns which then can be mounted on the dragon’s back.

I hope they make the rest of the Monsterbots in the modern era. We never got the other Target Masters after they released Scoop.


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