[Updated]Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Overlord with Dreadnaut

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Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Overlord with Dreadnaut

I’ve always liked the character Overlord when I first watched the horribly dubbed English version of Masterforce on Star World more than a decade ago. He was big and he was tough enough to take down Ginrai (Power Master Optimus Prime). I’d often thought that if there were any G1 figures I would spend serious money on, it would be this dude. So I’m really glad we’re getting a modern day version.

Overlord stands roughly 9 inches tall.

There’s a way to cheat and add some height to this Decepticon.


Titan Master Dreadnaut

His bio states he gives his partner an ion imploder weapon that erases matter from existence.

Head on!

He splits into two combat vehicles.

Base mode (updated, “tower” properly configured)

With Siege of Cybertron Magnus Prime/ Ginrai

Not bad, but I do feel that Overlord should be much taller. There’s a third party company already working on an upgrade set for this guy (new, taller “pants” and larger arms). Otherwise, next to the combined Ginrai + Godbomber, Overlord is undersized.

Overlord in action.

In the IDW comics, Overlord is one of the 3 Decepticon Warriors Elite who would become “Phase Sixers”, alongside Skyshadow and Sixshot. Phase Sixers were beings of immense power, capable of shattering worlds. They were part of the Decepticon Infiltration Protocols, which had Phases 1-7. With Phase Six being the total obliteration of all enemy resistance of an invaded world. Supposedly in the IDW-verse, the Autobots have nothing that can counter Phase Sixers.


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