Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Sixshot with Revolver

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Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Sixshot with Revolver

Sixshot is finally a Headmaster. Seriously, it seems only fitting. As he was one of the most prominent characters in the Headmasters series (he killed Ultra Magnus and helped stop Scorponok for Pete’s sake!), yet he wasn’t a Headmaster himself? I’m glad someone thought of putting him in the toyline.

Sixshot is a great update to the original G1 toy. They’re about the same size but this time this figure sports better articulation and better proportions.

Hypersonic concussion blasters

The blasters can be fused to form a single rifle (As per norm with most of the Titans Return weapons)

In the Japanese Headmasters series, Sixshot was the one who killed Ultra Magnus. Oddly, Magnus didn’t turn grey like Optimus Prime when he “died”.

Later on Sixshot became friends with Daniel in the Japanese continuity and eventually even helped the Autobots defeat Scorponok, after which Sixshot decided to leave the Decepticons permanently.

Titan Master Revolver

Revolver’s power ability is a bit vague, going by the Hasbro bio, he’s the only one who can keep up with Sixshot. So…uhm, what? The symbol on his forehead is Chinese for the number six.

Tank mode

Revolver can ride in one of the two driver’s seats.

Spaceship mode

(Note, there’s supposed to be a landing ski for the jet mode, I totally missed deploying it for the pics. Oh well. )

Vehicle mode (which is essentially his “gun” mode but upside down)

Revolver can also ride here.

Off-road vehicle mode

Again, same seat for Revolver

Wolf mode

Revolver rides inside the head compartment of the wolf mode.

Sixshot is the only Leader Class to not have an official base mode, connection ports are available on his wings though and it has been recommended that he can connect to other bases in his tank mode via the said wing connection ports.

With the latest reveal from the NY Toyfair, it looks like Quickswitch will be a retool of Sixshot. Not really psyched for that as the G1 Quickswitch was an entirely different 6-mode toy. I would’ve preferred they redid Sixshot as Powershot, the Autobot from the Victory series. Which was an actual retool of the Sixshot toy back in the G1 Takara line.


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