Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Sky Shadow with Ominus

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Transformers Titans Return Leader Class Sky Shadow with Ominus

Sky Shadow (Previously known as Black Shadow) was originally a Pretender back in the old G1 toyline, a retool of Thunderwing actually. His more recent release was a Deluxe Class under the Generations line. This time around he’s finally a Leader Class figure with dual alt modes.

This verison of Sky Shadow has been called a “pre-tool” as the design template for this figure was meant for Overlord. But in a rare twist, we’re getting the retool first before the actual main figure.

Sky Shadow comes with some degree of ankle articulation.

In the TF Victory series, Sky Shadow was the brains of the two-man team called the Decepticon Crossformers, which were essentially space gangsters. They’ll do any dirty deed as long as the price is right.

Sky Shadow drone can attach to his forearm to serve a shield.

Be mindful though the peg for the drone is quite tight and hard to remove.

Titan Master Ominus

According to his bio, Ominus is a top grade hacker, who can bypass security systems.

His legs become a tank

Ominus can ride inside.

Sky Shadow’s upper torso forms a jet.

Likewise, Ominus can ride here too.

The jet and the tank can combine.

Last but not least, like all Leader Class Titans Return figures, this guy features a base mode for Titan Masters to hang out.

I really liked the design for this toy, he looked really cool and looks very impressive across all modes. I hope the eventual redeco of Overlord won’t look too dull compared to awesome this figure.


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