Transformers Titans Return Legends Class Brawn

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Transformers Titans Return Legends Class Brawn

Another G1 Mini-bot gets an update. Hasbro really delivered on this one. The look and the design really matches the G1 character, it’s hard to imagine the Takara version (if they make one) be any better than this.

Brawn’s roof becomes a shield. The shield is removable.

Yeeeah… if Brawn had a shield like this back in the 1986 movie, he wouldn’t have died such a senseless death in the opening act.

Hold it right there, Decepti-creeps!

Vehicle mode

Like all other Legends Class under the Titans Return Banner, Titan Masters can ride inside their alt modes.

With the rumored upcoming Seaspray coming out, the Mini-bots are coming along nicely. I guess that only leaves Beachcomber and Warpath and Cliffjumper to get proper modern day upgrades. I would love it too if they gave us a proper G1-esque Huffer too.


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