Transformers Titans Return Legends Class Bumblebee

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Transformers Titans Return Legends Class Bumblebee

I originally thought of skipping this Bumblebee since we’ve gotten already sooooooo many variations to the character under the CHUGS line, but then I noticed that Hasbro seems to be making all the G1 minibots now, plus the “Titan Master can ride inside” gimmick looks good. So here I am again.

The headsculpt is near perfect.

While this figure isn’t bad, I really, really hate the silly shoulder pads design.

See? He just looks awkward going like this.

I tried a little swap around and the back of the shoulders look much better for Bumblebee, unfortunately he’s missing his chest/roof in this set up. Hmm…

Small quibble, they didn’t catch the shade of yellow quite right, the car roof sort of sticks out like a sore thumb in some angles.

“Hatchback-style” opening for the Titan Masters to ride in?


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