Transformers Titans Return Optimus Prime

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Transformers Titans Return Optimus Prime

Orion Pax head

Like Ultra Magnus, Prime can combine his guns to form a hammer… sorta… Magnus did it better.

Titan Master Apex

Apex of course looks very similar to the original G1 Power Master Hi-Q (Ginrai in the Japanese cartoons)

Whoa… tiny guy

Opening tailgate.

Apex can ride inside.

City (Battle Platform) mode

Comparison with Magnus

Nice to see the front of the cabs are different

…. And here I thought Minimus was small. Turns out Titan Masters are smaller. Yikes…

Overall I like it. It’s a great homage to the G1 toy. But admittedly I am more excited for the Takara version (even more G1 accurate). The Titan Master figure is small but fairly detailed in terms of sculpting. I do wish they came up with a cover for the back of the Titan Masters a la the G1 Headmasters. It just looks so awkward with the face exposed like that.


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