Transformers Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon

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Transformers Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon

Box is big, spans about 24 x 14.5 x 6 inches.

Trypticon comes with his legs disassembled. Putting them together is easy and just requires sliding slots onto their respective tracks to connect the legs to the torso.

Whoa.. Trypticon is heavy! Weighs about 2887 Grams and stands roughly 18 x 20 x 10 Inches in dimension in dino mode.

Tongue lasers.

Forehead-mounted lasers

Shoulder cannons – note that the shoulder cannons can be extended out even further. I just completely forgot to do this in the pics.

Another fancy gimmick here is the gullet, you can pretend Trypticon “swallowed” some Titan Masters and they become trapped inside the huge Transformer’s belly.

Full-Tilt can be detached from the chest plate, he actually has a lock to hold him in place.

With Titan Master Necro

Titan Masters can ride inside Full-tilt.

Titan Master Necro

Hmm… not much has been said to describe Necro other than he consumes the sparks of other Transformers Trypticon captures.

Head on!

Full-tilt never really appeared in the G1 cartoon. He was more of an accessory for the G1 Trypticon Toy.

Grease gun

With Scamper from Metroplex. Yeah, Scamper, being a Legends Class, is way outclassed now next to Full-tilt.

Nemesis Command city mode

I decided not to put on all of the stickers, as it seemed too toy-like to have them all on, I just put some, going for a minimalist decorative effect.

I really should have busted out some more Titan Masters and populated the city. Ah well, maybe next time.

You can also open up the forward bay of the “city” and roll out Deluxe Class vehicles.

Battle Station mode/ Spaceship mode.

With his playmate, Metroplex

I do wish Trypticon was a bit taller so he matches Metroplex in height.

But I guess you can cheat a bit and pose Metroplex squatting down to his level. I should try to get the DNA Design DK feet upgrade kits for Metroplex and Fort Max, which allow ankle articulation.

Overall it’s pretty decent. I do miss the electronics of the G1 toy (walking dino mode was way too cool) and we are missing Brunt this time around. But the toy is impressive in terms of size and heft. It has been confirmed that the Takara version is exactly the same as the US version with only the box being different and the sticker sheet layout changed to make it easier to read. So I guess if you plan to get Trypticon, the Hasbro version is good as the Japanese counterpart.

To the biggest “officially released” Decepticon figure made so far.


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