[Updated] Transformers Titans Return Titan Masters Wave 4

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Transformers Titans Return Titan Masters Wave 4

Titan Master Class Repungus

Originally one of the Monsterbots in the G1 lore, this time around this guy is just a head. Huh… guess he can share a Transtector with Twinferno… ?

“Shell” body.

According to his G1 bio, Repugnus wasn’t really a nice guy, acts more like a rogue Decepticon rather than a heroic Autobot.

Vehicle mode

Weapon mode (a melee weapon?)

Titan Master Class Shuffler

Like Sawback/Lione from wave 3, Shuffler is a homage to the G1 toy that never appeared in the cartoons and never had his own Transtector body.

The elephant body is a nice touch and more or less captures the look of the original toy. This mold has been revealed to be later on retooled into Autobot Ramhorn from Hasbro.

Tank mode

Weapon mode.

EDIT Credits to Vili Kauppi for the heads up on how Shuffler’s weapon mode is supposed to look like.

That’s about it for this wave, the other 2 releases for this wave are repacks of Nightbeat and Skytread from earlier waves.


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