Transformers Titans Return Twin Twist with Flameout

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Transformers Titans Return Twin twist with Flameout

When they first released Topspin a while back, I think we all knew it was a matter of time before they released his brother Twin Twist to go with him.

In the G1 toyline he and his brother Topspin were Autobot Jumpstarters. Though they never appeared in the G1 cartoons, they were part of the Wreckers team in the UK comics from Marvel.

Titan Master Flameout

According to the bio, Flameout’s ability is targeting his opponent’s transformation cogs and overloading them, accelerating their transformations to the point of meltdown.


Vehicle mode

Titan Masters can ride on the combined rifles.

Autobot Jumpstarters

The forearms, legs and torso are identical for the “twins”.

Titan Masters


With the release of Twin Twist, we’re one step closer to completing the Wreckers. Hope we get a mass retail release of Impactor and Rack N’ Ruin down the line.


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