Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Galvatron

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Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Galvatron

Love the huge fusion cannon. Really makes this figure look menacing!

Titan Master Nebulon

Nebulon was originally meant to be Megatron, but they changed the name at the last minute, to prevent confusion, I suppose?

There are small foot pegs on Galvatron, for Titan Masters to “stand” on.

Cannon mode

Vehicle mode

The Vehicle mode reminds me of Gradius for some reason.

Nebulon can ride inside the c0ckpit.

It seems like a recurring theme in the Titan Masters line is that the Voyager and Leader Classes are all triple changers.

With the Takara TF Cloud Voyager Rodimus Prime. Scale is close enough. I wish they make a solid Rodimus Prime to go with Galvatron, not just a redeco of Springer.

I love the look of this figure. The proportions look great, but unfortunately, the weird “crown faceplate” gets in the way of the head’s rotation. Makes me wish they just put the crown on the head instead.


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