Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Megatron with Doomshot

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Transformers Titans Return Voyager Class Megatron with Doomshot

Hey look! Megatron’s back, and he’s a triple changer too now! Lol. This figure is an obvious pretool for Blitzwing. I find it odd why make Megatron the pretool character for this guy but I guess it works if you pair him with Prime (and Galvatron?)

Fusion Cannon

Megatron’s smaller weapon can be mounted on his left arm.

Decepticons, to victory!

Like the rest of the Voyager Titans Returns, Megs also features pop up head dress parts for some reason.

I prefer him without the head dresses, as it blocks his head from rotating too.

Titan Master Doomshot

According to his bio, Doomshot gives old Megatron’s fusion cannon a super power up.

Tank mode

Doomshot can ride inside.

Jet mode

Doomshot can ride either inside the c0ckpit or back in the gunner’s seat in the rear.

Good vs Evil, the never ending fight.

Overall, a decent Megatron toy, but I think they could’ve done us a favor and made the chest graffiti on Megatron an optional sticker instead of pre-applied. Between this and the Prime/Octane pretool. I think Prime wins it as far as colors and aesthetics go.

EDIT A special thanks to Miguel Luis Gomez Pigao for the correction on Megatron’s fusion cannon. You can actually connect the gun onto Megatron’s cannon to make the cannon more imposing.

The downside to this is that the colors don’t match and the hollowed-out “seat” for the Titan Master ruins the effect a bit.

You can try to reverse the connection to fix the hollow side, but the connection doesn’t hold that great and falls off easily.

Thanks again to Miguel for the correction.


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