Transformers Transform Dreamwave (TDW) TCW-10 Generations Selects Seacons King Poseidon upgrade kit

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Transformers Transform Dreamwave (TDW) TCW-10 Generations Selects Seacons King Poseidon upgrade kit

Optional brackets for the arms are in a baggie tapped to the back of the tray.

To attach the new elbows, you’ll have to detach the legs from the armbots from their ball joints and then plug them into the new elbow ball joints. It’s a bit difficult to do.

Remember to use the bracket to hold everything neatly in. Depending on which bot you’re using, there’s a corresponding bracket for it (there are three options).

The new feet are MUCH larger.

The upgrade really bulks this guy up!!

Without the upgrades

With the added parts, Piranacon now stands roughly 12.5 inches tall.

The new chest piece features a butterfly joint for the arms to be able to move forwards and backwards. Unfortunately, the huge fins on the chest panel get in the way of this actually being useful.

The set comes with its own sword for Piranacon.

Thanks to the new elbows, Piranacon can also hold his “Targetmaster”/Overbite better.

For added gimmickry, the parts can be taken apart and repurposed as weapons for the Seacons when not combined.

The feet can form blasters and a shield.

Piranacon’s “toes” can be used as melee weapons.

Sections of the chest piece’s internal frame can be taken out and folded into huge guns as well.

The same sections can then be combined to form a super weapon. It’s ridiculously big and heavy though, so don’t expect any of the Seacons to be able to hold it up.

The elbow parts feature panels that can be swung around to form missile launcher pods.

Lastly, the chest panel can be worked onto Snaptrap’s top as a bigger shell.

Overall, a very good set. It features a lot of play value thanks to the weapon modes of the pieces and it does a great job of bulking up Piranacon. The only downside is that the new bulk also hinders some of the mobility of the arms. Attaching the new elbows are a LOT of work. I also worry about the wear and tear of removing the legs from the hip ball joints. Still, I think TDW did a pretty good job here, all things considered.


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