Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynxmaster with coin

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Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Lynxmaster with coin

Sky Lynx

The manual can be a bit vague but this is how the tail is supposed to look like.


Gotta love the way the cannon can be clipped onto Hound’s back. I never thought about this. Pretty clever.

The also give Hound an axe this time.


It really is amazing how much of G1 Wheeljack can come across from this figure with just the proper paint scheme. It’s also amazing how badly Hasbro intentionally messed up theirs.

Check out the gray painted areas. It’s the details like this that make this figure so much better than the Hasbro version.


I am so glad Takara thought about using the First Aid mold as Ratchet. It seemed like a no brainer actually. The trade off is that the Japanese don’t get Smokescreen.

Instead of an axe this time like First Aid, we get Rook’s weapon here. It fits the medic better. Seeing a medic with an axe does seem a bit extreme.


Last but not least, here’s Trailbreaker. He doesn’t really feature any changes compared to the US version.

Team Lynxmaster


I’m not really too crazy about how Takara didn’t modify much from the Hasbro version here. There’s hardly any difference with the exception of Ratchet. Guess the Takara think tank got lazy with this release.

Comparison with the Hasbro versions (Takara on the left).



Sheesh it’s like Hasbro went out of their way to intentionally make their Wheeljack look like crap.

Trailbreaker. His weapon has silver painted parts.

The vehicle mode windshield for Trailbreaker has a rougher paint finish while the paint finish is cleaner on the Takara.


Very minimal differences except for the insides of their mouths and the odd paint apps on his face for the Hasbro version.

Skylynx is the weakest one in the set IMHO, the colors are practically the same as the Hasbro version. It’s even more evident when it comes to the Lynxmaster / Sky Reign torso form.

Overall not bad but the minimal differences of Skylynx/Lynxmaster from the Hasbro version really drag this down for me. The Ratchet and Wheeljack figures are the real winners of this set. With this release the Combiner Wars / Unite Wars series comes closer to an end. It’s a shame we didn’t get the Terrorcons to go with the Technobots.

The coin


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