Transformers vintage G1 Dinobot Swoop

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Transformers vintage G1 Dinobot Swoop

Admittedly, I decided to use reproduced stickers from to make the figure look more decent.

Unlike the other Dinobots, Swoop is actually kind, friendly and upbeat. However, like the rest of the Dinobot team, he shares their arrogance and general dislike of authority, particularly Optimus Prime’s leadership style. Functions as the Dinobot team’s bombardier.

Swoop stands roughly 4.75 inches tall.

Swoop comes with his Thermal Sword.

The two missile launchers can be mounted on his wings. I do find my copy had very loose connection when it came to plugging the launchers. Still, it’s better than the KO version though.

Swoops beak can be opened and closed.

Remember to use the hidden landing gear in his chest cavity before placing him down in dino mode.

“Fear can hit targets unreachable to bullets.”

Big thanks to Ebay seller smallplasticheroes for swoop.


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