Transformers vintage G1 Hardhead & Duros

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Transformers vintage G1 Hardhead & Duros

Admittedly, I decided to use reproduced stickers from to make the figure look more decent.

Duros is a soldier that follows orders without question. Dependable and resourceful, he once served as the head of security for the Nebulan Council. Prefers action than boring peace time.

Head On!

As a gimmick in the old G1 toyline, Headmasters reveal their skill levels when you plug in the Headmasters into the Transtectors. You can also swap the heads around and the skill levels will follow the headmaster. Pretty cool. However, the tabs that lock Hardhead’s chest panel in place tend to be VERY difficult to open and forcing them open will usually result in hinge breakage. It is recommended one NEVER to open the chest panel. Lol… I actually broke one of the hinges here. Silly me…


Incredibly stubborn, Hardhead never listens to anyone but himself. This Autobot rarely talks and prefers to jump into battle instead of figuring out other possibilities. Binary bonded to like-minded Duros, the duo are said to be the best match amongst the Autobot-Nebulan teams.

Hardhead comes with Shatterblasters, that fire diamond-hard shards.

I’m not quite sure what his tank cannon fires though… hmmm..

Shatterblasters can also be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Headmaster can ride inside the vehicle mode.

The original Autobot Headmaster quartet (I didn’t have time to grab Cerebros from the Fort Max box to include in this shot).

“It’s either MY way — or NO way!”

I had to go Ebay for this one, a big thank you to Wheeljack’s lab for this guy.


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