Transformers vintage G1 Headmaster Skullcruncher & Grax

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Transformers vintage G1 Headmaster Skullcruncher & Grax

Admittedly, I decided to use reproduced stickers from to make the figure look more decent.


A ruthless businessman on Nebulos, Grax opted to binary bond to Skullcruncher to eliminate his business rivals.

Head On!

As a gimmick in the old G1 toyline, Headmasters reveal their skill levels when you plug in the Headmasters into the Transtectors.


Strong and big, but slow and dumb, Skullcruncher is notorious for giving away his own position, as he has a tendency to grind his teeth before he strikes. None of the other Decepticons wish to be paired with him for this reason. He functions as the Decepticon’s swamp warrior.

Skullcruncher stands roughly 6.5 inches tall.

Skullcruncher comes with his Demolecularization Gun, which turns metal into chewy rubber, making it easier to chew his victims for when he reverts back to beast mode.

His tail also functions as a sword/ melee weapon.

Grax can ride inside the gator’s jaw.

Too bad the canopy is too darkly-colored, you can’t make out Grax inside the unit.

“Autobots are like bad fuel — weak and greasy.”

Another big thank you to Ebay seller collikatkathe for a great offer on Skullcruncher.


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