Transformers vintage G1 Highbrow & Gort

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Transformers vintage G1 Highbrow & Gort

Admittedly, I decided to use reproduced stickers from to make the figure look more decent.

Gort is cheerful and courageous, a shining example of the Nebulan species.

Head On!

As a gimmick in the old G1 toyline, Headmasters reveal their skill levels when you plug in the Headmasters into the Transtectors. You can also swap the heads around and the skill levels will follow the headmaster when you use it on another body. Pretty cool!


A self-righteous snob, Highbrow thinks war is beneath one such as himself. He tends to be disdainful to those he deems as commoners, which is ironic since he’s binary bonded to an “ordinary” Nebulan. It makes for an odd pairing, as Highbrow tends to ignore Gort’s recommendations unless there’s no other option.

He comes with his Corrosive Acid Rainmaker Rifles.

Headmaster can ride inside the vehicle mode.

The original Autobot Headmaster quartet (I didn’t have time to grab Cerebros from the Fort Max box to include in this shot).

“War is the playground of the ignorant.”

A special thank you to local toyshop Robin’s toys for this figure. I was lucky to get three of the four Autobot Headmasters in great condition in one go.


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