Transformers Vintage G1 Horri-bull with Kreb

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Transformers Vintage G1 Horri-bull with Kreb

The bull looks very similar to the Terror Dog from Ghostbusters for some reason.


Kreb was a former shock jock and talk show host back on Nebulos. Obnoxious, despicable, vulgar and rude, his personality matches well with the physically disgusting Horri-bull.

Opening up the back panel of the bull, you can ride Kreb inside.

You can only fit Kreb into the c0ckpit by folding his legs up all the way to his chest.

Take special care when transforming the head of the bull. Due to a serious design flaw, it’s recommended that you first pull out the pin with a pair of pliers to prevent breaking the hinges of the backpack.

I guess this goes to show Has-Tak never did end product testing before shipping stuff out back in the day?

Head On!


Horri-bull is a vile, disgusting, grease-oozing Decepticon. He’s also really proud of it. This mean and nasty Decepticon loves to destroy everything in his path, particularly Autobots.

This hinge has seen better days, I’m just glad it’s still functional. More often then not, for loose Horri-bull figures, the hinges are completely shattered off.

Same as with other Headmasters, inserting the head into his chest, gives you the character’s tech specs readout.

Horri-bull comes with his Concussion Blaster.

You can also equip his Double-tail Flamethrower. But due to the figure’s design, it will require you to lower the wrist a bit to fit the gun into place.

Big thanks to Ebay seller vintagetoys81 for a fair price for this figure. I wouldn’t have been able to finally pull the trigger on one without his auction.

“Smash all that stands and trample the rest.”


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