Transformers Vintage G1 Misfire with Aimless

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Transformers Vintage G1 Misfire with Aimless

It’s a shame the canopy doesn’t open up. As a kid looking at the toy through the box window, I always thought it was an option.

Targetmaster Aimless

A former construction engineer back on Nebulos, Aimless was responsible for several collapsed buildings due to corrupt kickbacks and using shoddy materials, eventually signing up with the Decepticons to get away from his legal troubles.

Ion Particle Blaster mode

The figure often would encounter stress marks or outright broken clips thanks to the terrible design choices back in the day.

In Ion Particle Blaster mode, Aimless can be mounted on Misfire’s alt mode.


Probably the worst shot in the entire Decepticon army, Misfire has the unfortunate luck to be paired with the lazy and cowardly Aimless for a “Targetmaster”. The duo’s success rate for actually hitting their target is so low, they’re a threat to everyone else on the battlefield, even their fellow Decepticons!

Team Useless (these two cannot hit anything)

Target on!

“Keep shooting, eventually, you’re bound to hit something.”

Big, big thanks to Ebay Seller Manefa_7 for a great deal on this figure!


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