Transformers vintage G1 Monsterbot Doublecross

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Transformers vintage G1 Monsterbot Doublecross

Admittedly, I decided to use reproduced stickers from to make the figure look more decent.

Highly undependable, Doublecross argues with himself all the time as the result of having two heads in one body. The heads never agree on anything, except, thankfully, destroying Decepticons. Doublecross functions as the Autobot’s “supply procurer”.

Doublecross stands roughly 6 inches tall.

His tail when in robot mode is supposed to be oriented like so:

I’m not sure if it’s meant to stay that way without any assistance, but when I move his arms out of the way, the tail falls on its side. Ah, well…

He comes with his Ray-Dust Rifle, which is used to corrode his targets.

In beast mode, the figure has an internal sparking feature and moving belly saw, activated by pressing the switch on his back.

With his fellow Monsterbots.

“Decepticon destruction is my favorite sport… and mine, too.”

A special thank you to Treehouse Collectibles over in Toronto, Canada and to my good buddy Erik for helping me get this figure.


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