Transformers vintage G1 Powermaster Slapdash and Lube

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Transformers vintage G1 Powermaster Slapdash and Lube

Admittedly, I decided to use reproduced stickers from to make the figure look more decent.

Powermaster Lube

No-nonsensical, meticulous and short tempered, Lube is almost always at odds with his partner, Slapdash, since the scatterbrained Autobot is always leaving him behind before charging into battle.

Electro magnetizer can be mounted on the vehicle mode.

Mounting the Powermaster onto the vehicle mode unlocks the transformation.


Disorganized, sloppy and an all around mess of a soldier, Slapdash tends to charge into battle on impulse, usually forgetting to bring his weapon and/or his partner, leaving him locked in vehicle mode on the battlefield. Interestingly, he somehow tends to survive through sheer luck.

Lube rides on Slapdash’s backpack in robot mode.

Slapdash comes with his Electro Magnetizer rifle, which can drain the power out of its targets.

With the other Autobot Powermasters (I didn’t have time to breakout the reissue God Ginrai from storage).

“Sometimes, if you wait long enough, problems solve themselves.”

A big thank you to Ebay seller dwean42697 for Slapdash.


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