Transformers vintage G1 Punch Counterpunch

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Transformers vintage G1 Punch Counterpunch

I never had the original toy, but are the mismatched blue plastics really a thing? Or is it because of uneven yellowing over the years?


Punch is an Autobot spy, infiltrating the Decepticons as his alter ego, Counterpunch. Because of the secrecy of his mission, Punch reports directly to Rodimus Prime.

He comes with his Twin-Mortar Launcher.


Punch’s fake Decepticon persona. Brutish and mean, even some among the Decepticons are wary to cross his path.

Counterpunch has his unique weapon from his Autobot persona, the Photon Cannon. The Autobots are all outfitted with dampeners for this weapon so that they can help maintain Punch’s cover by pretending to go down whenever Counterpunch blasts them.

I had really hoped to get some repro stickers for this guy, but for some reason, Toyhax never got their sheets for this set restocked for a while now. Bummer.

“In my business, there are no friends, only suspects.”

Shout out to Ebay seller quas1013 for this complete Punch-Counterpunch set.


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