Transformers Vintage G1 Slugslinger with Caliburst

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Transformers Vintage G1 Slugslinger with Caliburst

A cowardly braggart, Slugslinger loves to challenge others to a duel, then shoot them in the back from a distance. As a warrior, his courage lasts only as much as his ammunition. Once he runs out, Slugslinger flees the battlefield like the coward that he is.

Uneven yellowing. Sigh… I guess the factory used different batches of plastic for the feet?

Targetmaster Caliburst – A former leading actor back on Nebulos, Caliburst only signed up with the Decepticons for the money.

Caliburst transforms into an automatic machine gun. His weapon mode is capable of firing armor piercing rounds at 1200 round per minute.

Target On!

Caliburst’s muzzle can be removed and directly plugged into Slugslinger’s fist to form an alternate weapon.

Slugslinger has three deployable landing gears in his alt mode.

Caliburst in automatic machine gun mode can be mounted on top of the alt mode.

“The only way to survive a duel with me is to not show up.”


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