Transformers Wei Jiang MPP10 Deformation Commander (Bootleg MP10 Optimus Prime)

Transformers Wei Jiang MPP10 Deformation Commander (Bootleg MP10 Optimus Prime)

Lol.. the maligned sentence structure and grammar really gave me a headache.

Note that the figure doesn’t come with the Autobot symbol (to avoid lawsuits?) But the plate can be removed and you can buy plates online to patch it up. I just went with stickers from the

While the quality of the toy is top notch, it’s not entirely perfect. I can only find one flaw.. namely rusty screws on the rifle (Prime was clean though).

I love how they painted the MP10’s eyes. This was my biggest problem with the the legit MP10, as the eyes seem “dead” on the original Takara (the Hasbro version looks better due to the painted eyes).

An excellent up-scaled reproduction of a great figure!

Matrix (still doesn’t light up though).

Energon Axe

Transforming rifle


Comparison with Takara MP10

Quick notes:

-Figure stands roughly 12.5″ tall and weighs 779 Grams (414 on original Takara)

-Diecast parts include
–Feet (Same as the MP10)
–Spine (Same as the MP10)
–Matrix (Same as the MP10)
–Chest plates (new!)

-Figure also sports more paint applications compared to the original MP10 (see comparison photos) and more details in the “toes”.

-Trailer not included but there are some online images of a scaled trailer coming out (presumably from the same company).

A surprisingly very, very, very good figure at 1/3rd of the price of the original. I really recommend getting this thing if you’ve got the funds to spare and don’t mind getting bootlegged items. .


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