Transformers X Back to the Future Gigawatt

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Transformers X Back to the Future Gigawatt

Surprisingly, it seems like the vehicle mode is NOT licensed by car manufacturer DMC, as it’s missing the DMC logo on the front grill.

Haha! I love that they included a removable “Mr. Fusion” reactor!

“Outta Time” California license plates!!

Opening “gull wing” doors, just like on the real DeLorean.

One thing I really dislike about this figure’s vehicle mode is the use of this weird grill panel under the windshield. It doesn’t seem to have much purpose other than reinforce the clear plastic but it would’ve done fine without it I think? At least Hasbro tried to address the issue by making the windows darker. The original prototype images showed a totally clear type of plastic used for the windshield which made it look worse. It still bugs me a bit though, I guess maybe I have mild trypophobia (fear or disgust of irregular patterns)?

Also included is the “lighting rod” from the first movie. You can plug it into the car’s “Flux Capacitor” to recreate the scene from climax of the first film (sorry I forgot to remove Mr. Fusion for this pic).

The wheels can fold up to recreate the “flying car” look from the second movie as well!

Heh, you can totally see his face underneath….

Based on the character created for Hasbro’s “Transformers Collaborative” (the “Transformers” brand crossing over with other Pop Culture properties) toyline featuring “Back to the Future”. In this timeline, Gigawatt was originally one of the Decepticons on board the invaded Autobot Ark when it crashed on Earth. After Rumble manages to steal the DeLorean from Doc Brown in 2015 (where the Decepticons have all but lost), Rumble travels back in time to awaken the Decepticons ahead of schedule and they destroy the then-still dormant Autobots and they take over the world. Gigawatt, no longer able to tolerate Megatron’s cruel treatment of the humans in the future, decides to scan the design for the time-travelling DeLorean and go back in time to fix the timeline.

I love how you can see the Flux Capacitor time circuits, but it’s really odd to place it on his chest, the one place where you likely get hit when someone shoots at you in battle?

He comes with a rifle, which the “Mr. Fusion” reactor can plug into.

The rifle can be plugged underneath the vehicle mode’s hood.

Lastly, the “lighting rod” can be pegged onto his forearm or shoulders in robot mode.

I’m not entirely sure if this is supposed to be a melee weapon or a “whip”? It’s not really that well clear. Still, it’s a nice prop.

I really love this figure. It’s not perfect and costs way more than it should for a Deluxe Class figure, but I love both properties and getting them together in one package seems right.


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