Transformers x G.i. Joe A.W.E. Striker Bumblebee & Stalker

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Transformers x G.i. Joe A.W.E. Striker Bumblebee & Stalker

Retro Carded Stalker

One of the original members of the G.i. Joe team, Sgt. Stalker was the previous field commander for the crew until Duke was added to the series.

AWE (All Weather/ Environment) Striker Bumblebee

Eager and brave, this Autobot Scout hopes to live up to the example set by Optimus Prime and prove himself as an important member of the Autobot team. Friendly and upbeat, Bumblebee easily makes friends with humans.

I find the roll cage is not well executed here and tends to flop around in robot mode.

Lol.. so the chairs become his feet?

Also… it’s funny seeing the steering wheel right there as his “toes”.

I love the light piping of the eyes on Bumblebee. I just wish they used a lighter shade of blue for the plastic so it shines easier.

He comes with the AWE Striker’s “10 Round 70mm Automatic Launcher” cannon this time around.
Heh… guess Bumblebee’s “firepower” tech spec grade isn’t a “1” anymore.

Unfortunately, his shoulders are somewhat loose, so unless his arm is posed in certain ways, the whole arm just drops down when the cannon is equipped.

I love the tampographed details on the vehicle mode. I’m glad Hasbro didn’t cheap out here and just give folks stickers for the decals.

Overall, I guess it’s fairly decent. There are some nice details on the figure, but the biggest issue has to be the shoulder joints flopping when the cannon is equipped, I wish Hasbro could’ve executed that better.

While it’s cool that we’re getting a proper Joe X Transformers crossover line with actual transforming figures, I do hope we get better characters that fit in for the line going forward. Bumblebee as an AWE Striker seems like an odd choice but I guess it is what it is, since Bumblebee sells better than Hound. I just hope they eventually make Hound as a VAMP at some point. That said, I wonder what Prime would be for the Joe vehicles? The APC? No way they can release a transformer Mauler and scale it properly next to Megatron.


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