Transformers X-Transbots Master X Series- Apollyon (Third Party Masterpiece Megatron)

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Transformers X-Transbots Master X Series- Apollyon (Third Party Masterpiece Megatron)

Outer box sleeve

Inner box

Included with the manual is a bio card (bio is the same as the back of the box) and a screw driver (for opening the battery panel for the fusion cannon) and replacement joints for Apollyon’s shoulders. I’m not entirely sure if the parts are supposed to be used straight up to replace the shoulders joints (I do find them loose) or if they are meant as backups.

The toy comes with orange caps (due to gun control laws), which can be somewhat easily removed.

Apollyon’s rear is… unflattering, to say the least…

Apollyon comes with a lot of cool gear!

Fusion Cannon (With light up LED. Batteries not included)

Energy sword


Prime-killing pistol. .

Clone control helmet (from the episode “ A Prime Problem”)

Key to Vector Sigma (from the episode “The Key to Vector Sigma”)

Opening chest panels, the left side reveals the “Heart of Cybertron” (from the episode “Microbots”)

You can swap out the right chest panel for a panel with meteor damage (from the episode “Cosmic Rust”).

All this, plus his fingers are individually articulated.

Apollyon also has hard points on his forearm (like MP Soundwave), for you to fit Laserbeak or Buzzsaw into.

Gun Mode

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect with this figure, as the quality control is not what I was expecting…

Plus the right hips on my figure can’t close tight, no matter what I try, very annoying.

His gun mode parts can be refitted into a stand alone cannon, similar to the MP05 3rd party upgrade kit.

Mode 1

This adapter plug is included in the baggie with the screwdriver.

Mode 2

Comparison with MP05 Megatron

Comparison with Takara Legends Megatron

Comparison with MP10 Optimus Prime

Diecast parts include
-The gun barrel (in gun mode)
-Apollyon’s feet
-Sectons of the toy that requires a “spine” for support

Apollyon stands roughly 10” tall

The Weigh in
-Apollyon is 466 Grams
-MP Megatron is 575 Grams
-MP 10 Prime is 425 Grams

I didn’t bother installing the batteries for the LEDs in Meg’s cannon but they run on LR621 battery types (not included with the toy). According to the manual.

Overall, still an impressive toy, even if the shoulder joints seem to have a little trouble holding up the fusion cannon. He fits in very well with the other “new” MPs. Transforming him into gun mode is a real pain and I doubt I will do it ever again though.

I also recommend airing him out once you get him, as he does reek of baked plastic (mine did anyway).

“Decepticons, follow me to victory!!”


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