Transformers Xovergen TrailerForce 01- Master Armor

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Transformers Xovergen TrailerForce 01- Master Armor

The Master Armor towers over the Henkei Prime.

Since the manual is a mess, (it’s right up there with the messy Planet X Genesis manual), getting Prime in took some figuring out to do.

You have to first remove the top plate and head.

The spread the torso apart.

Then insert Prime and plug the head into the hole where the roof usually connects to in vehicle mode.

Articulated fingers

Shoulder cannons (they are a bit of a tight fit though).

Master Armor can hold his guns no problem. The thumbs act as the “lock” for the hands.

These cannons seem awkward though, they come with joints but there’s no way to lock them into position, it seems worse in vehicle mode. They are meant to be attached to the legs in robot mode, but can also be attached on the shoulders.

Forearm mounted blasters.

The Master Armor stands roughly 12″ tall (13″ counting the shoulder guns) and weighs 689 Grams.

Trailer mode

Before rotating the lower half of the body, note that you have to slide the front skirt section down to give it clearance to rotate.

This is what the Master Armor should look like in trailer mode. Basically rotate the lower body and change the angle of the legs, then add the “cover”

Slapping on the “cover” is a bit tricky since it’s a tight fit. You can take the panels apart since they’re not held together by pins or anything.

The unit comes with 2 optional pegs for connecting to the Primes in vehicle mode, I think the short one is for G1 prime while the longer one is for the Power Master Prime. Henkei Prime requires no part since the connection is based on it’s peg design.

In robot mode, the trailer cover can become an accessory base of sorts (based on the manual), it can even hold Henkei Prime’s weapons.

Base mode

Base mode is a pain to do thanks to the insanely tight (and fragile?) hip joints. I don’t recommend doing this mode unless you’ve got the guts for the toy possibly breaking.

No Prime mode

Xovergen gave us an option to pose the figure even without a Prime figure, simply rotate the lower body and make the back of the upper torso the front. I’m guessing this is how the God Armor will be attached, as opposed to it connecting to Henkei Prime, like in the G1 toy and looking too bulky in the chest area.

Overall, I like it, I’ve always been a fan of the Power Master Prime concept, it seemed like the next logical evolution of the Autobot leader and the figure captures the look of what I hope it would look like.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw here for me are the hip joints. They are ridiculously tight and I can’t but help think they might break if you have it do “splits” too often. Moving the legs forward is fine though, it’s the splitting the legs that is a cause for concern, especially when you’re doing the base mode.

It would’ve been nice too if it had some diecast somewhere in the lower legs to help balance the slightly heavy top too.

Comparison with the MP 10 Optimus Prime (I didn’t have time to dig out the G1 Power Master Prime)

Ultimately, I passed on the Trailerforce 02 unit, the design looked terrible and didn’t quite capture the “Godmaster Ginrai” feel. But that’s just me.


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