Transformers Year of the Snake Omega Supreme

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Transformers Year of the Snake Omega Supreme

Box measures 14 x16 x 8 Inches.

Unlike Prime, Omega here is a retool of the Omega Supreme from the Transformers Super Link /Energon series from waaaaay back in 2004.

This mold features a new head and arms, along with the colors from the War for Cybertron game.

Omega Supreme Activated!

Omega activating.
Power : Optimal.
Mission : Destroy Megatron!

YOS Omega weighs 1342 Grams.

Omega stands at roughly 13.5 Inches, 14 Inches if you count the bulky shoulders.

Omega features an opening face canopy.

Also, opening canopy on the right shoulder (a leftover gimmick from the headmaster Energon version)

Rotating shoulder cannons

Omega’s Alt mode is 2 vehicles. One is a battleship, the other half is a train of sorts.

Likewise, each vehicle has a third mode, an artillery mode and a crane mode.

Finally, both vehicles can combine to form a super train of sorts.

Year of the Snake’s Optimus Prime’s Op units can combine with Omega through various ports on the arms and legs.

Prime is meant to be able to combine with Omega, but the manual fails in explaining one crucial step here!

Lift up the base of Omega’s neck to get the platform out of the way. Then slot in Prime in between the halves. The manual failed to illustrate lifting up the platform.

Omega Prime!

Comparison with the Super Link Omega Supreme.

Note that while the Super Link was a Headmaster, the YOS version’s head is permanently fixed in place. The only way to get the head off is to unscrew both halves of YOS Omega’s head.

Base of Omega’s head, with the head taken off:

Also, the Takara version (and the Hasbro too?) had a light and sound gimmick in the left arm, pressing the black button will give you a blasting sound effect and the arm lights up. The YOS Omega no longer has these features, but the cavity for the AA batteries are still there. lol…

Different right arms

Comparison with the G1 Omega Supreme.

The G1 Omega stands at 12″ and weighs approximately 704 Grams.

Whew, hard to believe been so many years since the Transformers SuperLink/Energon series rolled out.


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