Various Pop Culture 1:64 Hotwheels

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Hot Wheels 1:64 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

Hotwheels 1:64 A-Team Van

Hot Wheels 1:64 Back to the Future Delorean

Hot Wheels 1:64 Knight Rider

Hot Wheels 1:64 Flintstones Fred’s car

Hot Wheels 1:64 USS Enterprise

Hot Wheels 1:64 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

Hotwheels 1:64 The Jetsons Capsule Car

Hotwheels 1:64 Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Batmobile

Hotwheels 1:64 Batpod

Hotwheels 1:64 The Simpson’s The Homer

Simpson’s fans will remember this as the car Homer designed for his long-lost, super rich half-brother (voiced by Danny De Vito), bankrupting the latter’s car company in the process (Homer later helped him get rich again with by investing in his “Baby translator” invention).

Hot Wheels 1:64 Back to the Future Time Machine Hover Mode

Hot Wheels 1:64 Super Mario Cool One

Hot Wheels 1:64 Arkham Knight Batmobile (Metallic paint Ver)

Hot Wheels 1:64 2017 The Simpsons – Homer Simpson’s car

They even made the hood of the car dented. Nice touch. Too bad they couldn’t put in the bent radio antenna in too, guess it would be child safety issue.

Hotwheels 1:64 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 – The Milano

Hotwheels 1:64 HALO Warthog

Hotwheels 1:64 HALO Warthog black recolor version

Hotwheels 1:64 DMC Delorean

Hotwheels 1:64 Grumobile

Hotwheels Zoom in (for GoPro black version)

Hotwheels 1:64 Cruela De Vil

Hotwheels 1:64 Minecraft Mine cart

Hotwheels 1:64 Barbie 2018

Hotwheels 1:64 Spider-Mobile

Hotwheels 1:64 Barbie (new 2019 card)

Hotwheels 1:64 Snoopy

Hotwheels 1:64 Road Bandit

Based on the Manila public transport vehicle, I think the name fits perfectly,

Hotwheels Batmobile (silver deco)

Hotwheels Batman the Animated Series Batplane

Hotwheels Island Hopper

Hotwheels ’65 Ford Mustang Convertible (007 James Bond Thunderball)

Hotwheels Premium Thundercats Thunder Tank

Hotwheels Premium Knight Rider K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit mode

Hot Wheels HALO Warthog (red)

Hot Wheels 1:64 TMNT Party Wagon

Hotwheels Premium MOTU Wind Raider

Hotwheels Premium MOTU Battle Ram

Hotwheels Premium MOTU Land Shark

Hotwheels The Batman Batmobile

Hotwheels Star Wars Speeder

Hotwheels Premium TMNT Deluxe Turtle Van


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