Various The King of Braves Gaogaigar PVC action figures

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Various Gaogaigar PVC action figures, several companies have released quite a few over the years.

The first company to manufacture the Gaogaigar figures (aside from Takara) was Yujin.

Some of the images are thumbnails. Please click to view larger pics.

Yujin Gaogaigar

Yujin Gaofighgar

Yujin Genesic Gaogaigar (note that there are two versions, No.5 is closed wing and No.7 is “extra ver.” or open wings)

Yujin GGGG, GGG and GFG

Yujin SR SP King J-Der

Standing at 12″, King J-Der towers over the other PVC figures.

The Yujin figures are the worst, actually (with the exception of King J-Der). The gold paint keeps rubbing off on one’s fingers.

The second company to try to make figures of Gaogaigar is Kaiyodo

Kaiyodo Robot Museum Dividing Driver Gaogaigar

Kaiyodo Robot Museum Gaogaigar with Goldion Hammer (They also released a clear orange version of this figure).

Kaiyodo Robot Museum Star Gaogaigar

Kaiyodo Robot Museum Star Gaogaigar, Gaogaigar and Goldion Hammer Gaogaigar

Yujin Zonder core (left) and Kaiyodo Zonder Core.

Kaiyodo also released Choryujin with Volfogg.

The only way to get the GGG big three was to buy the Grand Glorious DVD Boxset original Japan Region 2 giftset. I was fortunate enough to score the figures last week on Ebay (Sans the DVD though). CM’s Corp. will be releasing mass produced versions of Genesic Gaogaigar (open wings), Gaofighgar (with Goldion Hammer) later this year.

Gaogaigar Final~Grand Glorious Gathering DVD boxset with CM’s Mecha Action Series Gaogaigar, Gaofighgar and Genesic Gaogaigar. Tower measures 18 inches tall.

Inner box, four faces of the tower
(the space below Gaofighgar is where the DVD set should be, unfortunately the Ebay Seller already sold this off separately)

The DVD boxset CMs MAS Gaogaigar, Gaofighgar and Genesic Gaogaigar

Individual Box side

Individual boxes.

With the newly released CMS MAS Star Gaogaigar

CMs MAS Gaogaigo and Star GGG boxes

CMs MAS Gaogaigo

Gaogaigar Data

Gaofighgar Data

Genesic Gaogaigar Data

CMs MAS figures

CMS MAS Star Gaogaigar.

The latest addition to the CMs MAS Gaogaigar line, the figure has more detail and actually stands better than the previous Kaiyodo figure.

Kaiyodo GGG and CMs MAS GGG

CMs MAS GGG and Yujin GGG

(L-R) CMs MAS GGG, Yujin GGG and Kaiyodo GGG

Kaiyodo Star GGG and CMs MAS Star GGG

CMs MAS Star GGG and GGG

The Star GGG has more detailed “crown” and painted Linear Gao windows and painted elbows.

CMs’ MAS Star Gaogaigar and Gaogaigo

CM’s MAS Gaofighgar and Gaogaigo

CM’s MAS Gaofighgar and Yujin Gaofighgar

CMs MAS Genesic Gaogaigar’s tail (only has one joint, it can’t bend down)

Yujin’s Genesic Gaogaigar and CMs MAS Genesic Gaogaigar


CM’s Mecha Action Series Gaogaigar figures so far.

Overall, the Yujin figures are the worst (due to the rub off paint), but they are technically the most fun to pose (the others tend to have very tight joints. It feels like I might break them trying to pose them).

I’d say the CMs MAS figures are better, in terms of proportion, the only drawback is changing the fists is a real difficult task! I wished they made it easier. The joints on Star Gaogaigar is actually better than those included in the DVD box (CMs MAS Gaofighgar just literally comes apart in your hand).

The Kaiyodo figures are slightly disproportioned and the wing connector pegs are very, very fragile.


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