Voltes V Bluray

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Voltes V Bluray

Wow.. I never thought we would see the day when Voltes would get a Region 1 official Blu Ray release! Released by Discotek, the set contains only one disc with all 40 episodes on it. Definition is standard def only though, as I think these are actually just rips from the remastered DVD boxset released in Japan a few years back.

Uhmm.. isn’t that Dairugger (Vehicle Voltron) there on the art? What gives?

The menu isn’t anything wow. Just a static menu screen.

The features are very nice. Again, taking the special features from the Japanese DVD boxset release.

-“Digest Episode” is basically a primer of sorts, it serves both as an introduction and a recap of the series, quickly skimming over the characters and events that happen in the show. Japanese audio with English subtitles.

-8MM mini movie is the original short video clip used to pitch to the networks. It is very, very grainy and has no audio. It features very short highlight scenes from the first episode where the Voltes team transports to the Volt Machines and the first battle against the Beast Knight (Beast Fighter).

-Flexidisc Drama Collection features an original short story. It’s actually an audio drama, but this time, with some visual scenes included taken from a children’s book and it plays out like an animated comic book episode. Japanese Audio with English subtitles.

-Toy Commercials are remastered clips from the original Japanese toy ads, all featuring the DX Volt in Box toy and the Jumbo Machinder Voltes toy, in both long and short versions. I lost count but I think there were more than 8 commercial clips in all? Japanese Audio with English subtitles.

-DVD Commercial contains several promotional ads for the Japanese release of the remastered DVD Boxset from a couple of years back. Japanese Audio with English subtitles.


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