Voltron DVDs

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Voltron DVDs (Each Boxset has 3 DVDs)

Black Lion
(L-R) Tin Case front, Tin Case back, DVD box.

DVD Box folded out (artwork side)

DVD Box folded out (discs, there’s a third disc behind the mice)

Red Lion

Green Lion

Blue Lion

Yellow Lion.

The entire Voltron Lion series runs about 72 episodes (The original GoLion is about only 52 Episodes). World Events really stretched out the series. BTW for the curious, there’s no ending in this English Version. It just ends at Episode 72 just like a regular episode. No closure.

Voltron DVDs Vol 6, 7, 8 (Vehicle Voltron)

The sets take the continued numbering after the Lion Voltron set (hence boxset 6-8), sadly Vehicle Voltron never had any ending, just like Lion Voltron.

The boxsets are now made of paper and cardboard unlike the Lion Voltron sets, which were packaged in metal cases.

Voltron – Golion DVD Set

The complete set finally went sale over at Amazon (all 3 volumes repacked into one boxset). I think I got it for around $47 .They sold out pretty quickly though.

I’m still on the fence on whether to get the Dairugger XV individual sets or wait for a repacked complete set.

On a side note, the metal case US Voltron DVD sets have gone on a huge sale on Amazon, around $8-$12 from the original $30+ per volume

The internal packaging for each volume is the same. There are no extras whatsoever in the sets (booo…).

I haven’t watched all the 52 eps, but I started the first disc and jumped to the last disc (lol). The story is radically different from the Voltron version and insanely much, much more violent (even by today’s standards!).

Short synopsis

Thousands of years ago Voltron was an undefeated champion, he became arrogant and challenged the Goddess of Space to battle, she defeated Voltron and split him apart into 5 lions which eventually found their way to Altea (Arus). In the rewritten Voltron story, it was Witch Haggar who “tricked” Voltron and cast a curse upon it that separated it into 5 lions.

Fast forward to the year 1999 (lol), Earth is a wasteland, after World War III, with the East versus West in a nuclear war. The only survivors are 5 space explorers. Upon their return home they find Earth dead, they get captured by the Garla (Planet Doom forces) and later escape to Planet Altea (Arus) and the rest pretty much develops almost the same as the Voltron story.

Near the end, Sincline/Prince Lotor, betrays Emperor Daibazaal (King Zarkon) and sets him up to fight Golion, who defeats Emperor Daibazaal in battle. The final moments of the show have Honerva (Witch Haggar) reveal that Emperor Daibazaal (King Zarkon) is actually her son (which makes her Sincline/Prince Lotor’s Grandma) and that Sincline was Half-Altean. The revelation drives Sincline mad with rage and he hacks Honerva to pieces (brutal, I know). Sincline is later killed by Ryou Shirogane (Sven’s brother).

Funfact: Honerva/Haggar and Hiroshi Suzuishi/Pidge were both voiced by Masako Nozawa, aka Son Goku from Dragonball Z. It’s really funny how Pidge sounds exactly like Goku especially when he’s yelling.

TMNT season 2 part 1 and the Voltron team-up Movie – Fleet of Doom


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