Wizard Exclusive Dan Hibiki from SOTA Street Fighter.

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Wizard Exclusive Dan Hibiki from SOTA Street Fighter.


Dan comes with everything shown

The Street Fighter universe’s “joke character”, Dan Hibiki.

Dan’s style of fighting is called the Saikyo-ryuu style, his moves include the Gadoken, the Koryuken, the Dankukyaku (Gale kick) and can also perform super taunts and has an attack similar to Akuma’s Raging Demon called the Otoko Michi (this move leaves Dan with only 1% of his life gauge however. )

Dan’s father was murdered by Sagat (after he took out Sagat’s eye). Dan swears revenge for his “pops”.

I think this is the more appropriate (and likely) victory.

Dan was originally a student of Gouken (Ryu and Ken’s master) under the same school of Ansatsuken. Dan was later expelled when Gouken found out his motivations for learing the martial art was for revenge on Sagat for the murder of his father. He has since later on “mastered” his own style of martial arts (Ansatsuken combined with Muay Thai) called Saikyo-ryuu.

Dan’s body is based from the newer SOTA Street Fighter Revolutions Ryu and Ken and Akuma (I passed on getting those since they would mess up the scale of the other SOTA Street Fighter Figures IMHO.)

Comparisons in scale.

The hands are a real pain to swap. Some of the pegs don’t seem like they’re the right size intended for the hole.

Also the “crying” head doesn’t seem to fit too well (the hole is too big for the peg).

The paint is decent enough and the change in scale doesn’t really stick out that much (just don’t put him next to old Ryu and Ken).

“The Art of Fighting ”


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